Why I love coffee


One of my friends asked me the other day, why I drink so much coffee. Only answer I could think of at the time was that I just love the taste, but after thinking about it, there’s a lot more to coffee than that.

Almost every working person gets up in the morning and the first thing on their mind is a cup of coffee. It is a popular beverage that we take to boost our energy and focus first thing in the day. The flavor and sweetness of coffee keeps our appetite up and that why many people can’t hesitate to ask for a cup of coffee. There are many types of coffee that one can take and thus many reasons for loving the coffee. Each one has its own style, taste and reasons to love it. Read on to know more about the reasons why people love coffee and the types they love.

The flavor

Made in its own special machine, espresso is a type of black coffee that is made by forcing hot vapor through dark roasted aromatic coffee beans. This is done at very high pressure so as to get all the flavors out of the beans and into the beverage. After preparation, a proper cup of espresso coffee should have a thick, golden layer of cream on its surface. A very interesting effect of this cream is that after you add sugar to the espresso, it floats a bit on the cream before sinking into the hot beverage. Simply fascinating! People love espresso due to its abundance of flavor. The process of making this type of coffee really extracts the flavor from the coffee beans. As such, the strong flavor is the reason one can’t keep off from a cup of coffee. Using real coffee beans is also the best way to get the flavour out. I happen to use the best coffee grinders to get the best flavor.

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The luxury appeal

This wildly popular type of coffee is made of equal portions of steamed milk, espresso and the froth from milk. It is a luxurious type of coffee that is often taken with grated dark chocolate or unsweetened cocoa powder. Cappucinos are found in almost every coffee shop all over the world. This type of coffee is also very popular. People love this type of coffee due to its luxurious nature. Having the freedom to sprinkle cocoa or chocolate in your coffee and add to its character is a quality that expresses fine living. As such, many people love coffee due to its ability to act as a luxury drink in the life of its drinker.

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