Got a nasty insect fright

Spring is in the air and it is getting warmer outside. As you would expect, its also the time of year when insects start to appear again after the winter. I was out in the garden and noticed a bumble bee going in and out of a bird box, and took a look inside. Well, what I discovered was the beginnings of a bee’s nest, although quite small. I could quite clearly hear the buzz of the bees inside. How do you get rid of bees? Well it’s something I had never had to do before, and although I do a lot of DIY work around the house, this was a job for the experts – 1) I don’t like bees and 2) I didn’t want to get stung. If you have the same problem, I found some good advice at

So I called in the experts, a bug exterminator company and they got rid of the bees for me thank goodness. Didn’t take too long and they were only there the afternoon. Just hope they don’t come back, but will need to keep a watch on the garden just in case.

Update: another problem I had this summer was a spider’s nest under my kitchen sink, but after a bit of reading, I think I got rid of them. A friend of mine told me about vinegar, but does any one know other way to ¬†get rid of spiders?